Key features and principles of the company’s activity:

The name of the company - Gem4me Investments Plc.


Legal address of the company - level G (ste.1/5787), Quantum House 75, Abate Rigord Street, Ta' Xbiex XBX1120, Malta.


The company’s objectives are as follows:

To invest, withhold and control the investments into shares, stakes, income capitals and obligations of any company or companies, joint ventures or other legal entities that are operating in the area of:

  1. development, promotion and distribution of software products;
  2. activities in the field of information technologies;
  3. provision of advisory services in the industry of information technologies and digital communication;

To merge or join partnerships (structures) operating on the foundation of profit sharing, to cooperate with any companies or entities that are engaged in any activity, type of business or projects, that are coinciding with the company’s objectives, to participate in such and to contribute or subsidize them;

To expose, accept, subscribe or endorse any bill of exchange or promissory note, consignment or any other negotiable or transferable document.


The company is an open joint-stock company with limited liability.

Responsibility of shareholders is limited to the amount of Common or Privileged shares of the company that the appropriate shareholder owns in each case.


The authorized to be released shareholder capital of the company constitutes fifty nine million four hundred twelve thousand euros (€59 412 000) and is divided into 2 040 000 of common shares with nominal value of thirty euro cents (€0.30) each, for the total amount of six hundred twelve thousand euros (€612 000), and 1 960 000 of preferred shares with nominal value of thirty euros (€30) each, for the total amount of fifty eight million eight hundred thousand euros (€58 800 000).


Two companies are the shareholders:

1) E-Investments Holdings SA (Switzerland) owns 51% of common shares. This company represents the rights of developers and administration of the project. 

2) Gem4me Custodian Services Ltd (Marshall Islands) owns 49% of preferred shares. This company represents the rights of the project’s private investors.


The company’s Board of Directors (“Board”) may consist of no less than two (2) and no more of five (5) directors.

The company’s Board of Directors consists of the following directors:

  • Bruno Horn (Switzerland)
  • Natalya Arshavskaya (Russia)
  • Valeriy Ostrikov (Russia)
  • Alexander Kachanovsky (Russia)

The secretary of the company is Olga Finkel (Malta).