Malta was chosen as the official country to register the Gem4me project in. The essential advantages of Maltese jurisdiction are: a formed regulative environment, transparency and efficiency of government departments.

Malta offers opportunities for economical storage of financial resources and asset management services from numerous companies, as well as, administrators of funds and depositories that are servicing the stock industry.

Malta’s tax system and the extensive network of agreements for exclusion of double taxation allows for investors that are based in Malta to achieve significant accomplishments in the area of fiscal efficiency.

Malta presents itself as the more preferred jurisdiction for registering an enterprise due to various reasons, including the following:

  • it is the only government in the European Union with a system of full conditional calculation of taxes;
  • a wide network of agreements for exclusion of double taxation, as well as, benefits for cases when the appropriate bilateral agreement is absent;
  • a system of reimbursable tax benefits on dividend incomes of shareholders and stakeholders for both residents and nonresidents;
  • a superlative resident tax status for private entities;
  • a jurisdiction that is approved by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.