The project of creating the Gem4me messenger is done in accordance to the following legal structure.

The purpose of the company is to have proprietary rights for owning shares in the Gem4me Holdings Ltd. Company, which fully controls the IP (intellectual property) of the Gem4me messenger.

By providing the monetary funds, an investor becomes a shareholder of the Company, which is confirmed by enlisting the investor in the Shareholder Registry and issuance of supporting documents.

Advantages of the legal structure:

  • The two main companies that are implementing the project - Gem4me Investments Plc and Gem4me Holdings Ltd., are located in the same country of European Union, Malta, which increases transparency of the legal structure and simplifies understanding of the project’s infrastructure.
  • Gem4me Investments Plc company's account owns 100% of the founding capital of Gem4me Holdings Ltd. Company. The funds from the sale are forwarded to the invest funds’ account and are subject to distribution among the investors of the company.