The purpose of the company is development and promotion of Gem4me. The ultimate goal of the company is to sell the messenger with a user base starting from 100 million people.

Messenger Gem4me is being developed since 2014 and it currently possesses unique functionality that is built on the foundation of fintech technologies and “conversational economy” (bot technology).

Attractiveness of the Gem4me messenger is proven by the fact that the amount of it’s users grew by 1000 times in 2016 - from 1000 users in January of 2016 to one million. In addition, another million of users installed the Gem4me messenger on their devices within the first three months of 2017.

The operating purposes of Gem4me Investments Plc:

  1. to provide financing for further development of the Gem4me messenger
  2. to implement professional advertising campaigns for promoting the messenger all over the world
  3. to bring the amount of users to hundreds of millions
  4. to fulfil monetization of the application through Marketspace and commercial streams
  5. to conduct pre-sale arrangements and to successfully execute the transaction for the sale of the messenger
  6. to distribute the capital received from the sale between all of the’ investors in accordance to the owned packages of shares.