The main goal of the fund is to finance the creation and promotion of the Gem4me application in the world, the ultimate goal is to sell the application and distribute income among shareholders in accordance with the share packages. To speed up negotiations with potential buyers, it is planned to regularly evaluate the application by independent audit companies, including companies from BIG-4.

The first evaluation of the Gem4me application was conducted by the audit company Camilleri Spiteri Advisory Services Ltd (Malta). As of March-April 2017, when the evaluation procedure was started, the application had Seychelles jurisdiction and about 2 million customers. Given these decreasing factors, the application was estimated at € 41,100,000 (about $ 47.1 million). At the same time, the report shows that the average cost of the client's messenger on the market is about $ 71. The transition to the Maltese jurisdiction, the completion of the application development and the growth of the number of clients allow counting on a multiple increase in appraisal by independent auditors.

  GEM4ME Investments PLC_10072017_FINAL.pdf

The second evaluation of the Gem4me application was conducted in September of 2017 by the independent SIA DOMA AUDITS (Latvia) audit company. The amount of users of the application was at 3 055 043 as of September 2017. The appraised value of the messenger has almost doubled compared to the first evaluation and has totaled $86,7 million.