Mobile application Gem4me is a modern and high-tech application with unique functionality.

Having started the process of creating Gem4me in 2014, when other messengers such as WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Viber, Snapchat and others were already present on the market, the Gem4me team of developers received a unique opportunity to analyze and introduce successful solutions of other developers. As a result, Gem4me application delivers complete functionality of a premium level messenger:

  • operation with the book of contacts
  • individual and group chats
  • smileys and unique stickers
  • sending photos, videos and voice messages
  • public chats

Furthermore, part of the Gem4me functionality is unique:

  • ability to send files of any type to other users
  • group and public chats with unlimited amount of participants
  • total security for messages (messages are not stored on servers, only on devices of users)
  • significantly lower (up to 10 times!) battery usage of the device compared to previously released messengers

Creation of functionality for users to communicate, like other messengers have, was important; however, was not the main objective in developing the Gem4me application. By using the messenger functionality as a foundation, developers introduced the three most important elements that are at the peak of modern tendencies in mobile applications:

  1. Fintech, or financial technologies for mobile devices. Users of Gem4me have the ability to create their own electronic wallet with options of depositing and withdrawing monetary funds, make instant monetary transfers to any user in any country of the world, as well as, make direct purchases within the application, for instance, in the Marketspace. Gem4me is the application in which the option of transferring monetary funds is implemented within the application, simple and convenient for users. Additionally, the application will allow to make direct card to card transfers for select countries.
  2. The bot platform. Bots, or information robots are the modern trend of the so-called conversational commerce. Bots provide the ability to organize interaction of the user with various services, starting from purchases within the application (Marketspace) and concluding with such popular services as ordering a cab or purchasing tickets. The bot platform is implemented in Gem4me in such a way so that ordinary users from various countries could use it with ease. This will allow to attract a large amount of companies to offer their services to the users of the application. The bot platform allows to introduce the following capabilities to Gem4me:
    • Marketspace – the facility to advertise one’s products and services and direct selling within the application. Due to it’s simplicity in use and being free, Marketspace is appealing for private entrepreneurs and companies in all of the world. Having a large amount of product categories and services will be attractive for a huge number of users who will be able to find products and services based on their geolocation. Furthermore, products and services will be rated and ranked by other users.
    • MakeMoneyBot – the unique service that allows to promote mobile applications of other developers on the foundation of bots and fintech. Any user of Gem4me can choose an application to promote and receive instant monetary reward in any country, once his friends and acquaintances download the application and complete certain actions within the application. The MakeMoneyBot service is completely unique and is not implemented in any other application in the world.
    • The bot platform allows to make the Gem4me application appealing to a large amount of companies and entrepreneurs that are offering various services in any country of the world. The main advantage for users is the universal platform and simplicity of creating their own service or a platform for communicating with clients.
  1. Mobile advertising. The mobile advertising market is growing by prominent leaps annually. That is the reason why there are several advertising channels considered within the Gem4me application. Having several advertising channels and profits from user transfers (fintech) - is monetization, which makes the messenger attractive for potential investors and buyers.
  2. And finally, another powerful advantage of Gem4me is the form of attracting investments for the development and promotion of the application through crowd-investing and the referral program. Tens of thousands of private investors have been financing the creation and promotion of the application for three years. Investors of the application, private entities from more than 60 countries, are interested in the application being of high quality and it gaining a huge number of users. In this case, investors that are shareholders of the Gem4me Investments Plc. will receive significant income from their packages of shares after the application is sold. Consequently, many investors are a part of the Army of Fans at the same time, which helps to shape the application, test it, promote it in various countries and attract new investors. Crowd-investing, referral system and the Army of Fans are the unique features of the Gem4me mobile application that are not used in any other mass application.